data cablingData & Smart Wiring

With the onset of so many new technologies being able to be run down a data (CAT6) cable it's important to think about running these out to the rooms of your home.


The data cabling in your home can make a world of difference to how your computers and electronics work. If you're experiencing wireless drop out every time a family member watches Netflix or your home office computer is really slow hard wiring will fix these problems. If your wireless is unreliable we can cable and install wireless access points to boost signal levels.


Some of the capabilities of a data cable are:

  1. Networking your computers around the house for maximum performance and reducing the load on your wireless network
  2. Multi room sound systems which will allow you to listen to multiple sources and be controlled individually from each room
  3. Streaming internet video to each TV
  4. Patching your pay TV to multiple TV's with channel changing control from the additional rooms

These are just some of the things you can do with a data cable.


We are happy to inspect your cabling or quote you on any new wiring you may require.


This can be done in any existing home or in a new build or renovation. We work with home owners , builders and electricians to make sure the best cabling system is installed.


During a new build we can offer set price cabling systems to future proof your new home. You only get one shot at it when building so the best advice is essential. We are fully qualified communications technicians with unrestricted data, coaxial, optic fibre and structured wiring qualifications.


Completed projects range from a simple data point in a residential home to a 2000 cable system on a commercial build. In the commercial field we have cabled many office fit-outs and boardrooms. Data fit outs for shops, restaurants and hotels. We can offer data/AV packages.