Expert TV Antenna Installations in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

With all of the changes happening in the field of TV transmission you need technicians who have experience.


Over the past 10 years we have installed new antennas and wiring into countless homes and commercial buildings. We enjoy nothing more than bringing great quality viewing experiences to those who have been missing out and transforming the way they experience TV.


These include restaurants, office complexes, strata unit blocks and new or existing homes. Every property deserves the same level of viewing pleasure no matter their location, that’s why the team at Audio Integration is here to help you with digital TV antenna installation in Sydney and its northern beaches.


We can offer services from 1 additional TV point to re-wiring entire unit blocks for FTA TV and integrated Foxtel systems.


We only use high quality fully shielded cable and Australian antennas made for the local transmission environment. With antenna installation, you want to make sure that you are getting a professional installation, so you don’t miss out on the perfect reception that you can enjoy for years to come. Find out more by contacting the experts at Audio Integration now.


Prompt Services and Experienced Antenna Installation technicians in Sydney

We pride ourselves on the service that we provide for our customers and believe that our high quality of work will leave you more than satisfied your TV’s quality and home reception.


A properly installed antenna is an investment in your future, and can transform everything from a house party to just chilling at home with a loved one into an entirely new experience. Imagine watching the latest TV shows in high definition and with perfect clarity every day, or watching the newest movies on your Foxtel unit without fear of fuzziness.


Get in touch today – we’ll get the job done!

If you want that kind of quality entertainment for you or your family then contact the team at Audio Integration. We have the technology and the expertise to make digital TV installation and wall mounting in Sydney quick, and stress free , so why wait? For more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0404 026 430.